Made in +- 3h for the 8bitstoinfinity Challenge #001 using royalty free art and music assets!



Music:  Mattie Pride – Changing The Times:

Programming: Me!


BombHopper 29 MB
BombHopper 28 MB


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Great game! 

Did you think up this idea by yourself, or get the idea from

I had 3 hours to come up with a game idea at the time and I just went with the first "mechanic" I could code (spawn an object and make it push the player away) so it is just a coincidence, it's cool to see an actual working and polished game though! I never knew it existed, it's very fun to play ^^


Very fun style and make of the game. Must be made by a fans of Quake game where rocket and grenade jumps are very popular haha. Was fun thank you! Music fited perfectly. Sound effects was cool too. 


Aww thanks for playing, and thanks for the nice comments! ^^ I have never played Quake though, I think it was a game before my generation/year, but I did do a lot of rocket-jumping in TF2 though, so... :P


I see. Well you should give Q2 a try. You can find it online. It's mad fun. It's a different type of rocket jump fun. 😉


I'll do! :) Sounds fun indeed!

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I jumped about for 3 crystals or was it two? :) Mkey ok, maybe by clicking and holding the mouse button you could have some level of adjusting the bomb power.:)

Thanks for playing! And ooh, I really like that idea, I was indeed struggling with how strong the explosion should be, that is a good option for that, I like it! :D


Insane for a game made in such a short time. It's great!

Aww, thank you! I appreciate it! :D

The bomb area is quite small and the collisions are a little weird but it totally caught my eyes!

Yeah, I couldve increased the explosion size, I thought it wouldn't feel right but now I wonder why I didn't do it... It wouldve indeed been better but eh, and yeah I had problems with the collisions but I decided not the fix the bug cuz I only had 4 hours of development time so yeah... But thanks for playing! I hope you liked it! :D

Whoa! The concept for this game is really fuckin cool! It's like a flash game, I love it! It is pretty buggy tho, and needs some polishing with how the bomb launches you. But I would love to see this as a full game!

Haha I'm glad you liked the game :D! Yeah, I know it's buggy, I shouldve made more checks that the bomb won't push you into walls, making you stuck into them but I only had 4 hours so I just left it there cuz it's not game breaking. And yeah how the bomb launches you couldve been improved more, I know but yeah as you said, maybe I will expand on this game, who knows :p Thanks for playing!