This is a top down bullet hell/ hack and slash/ Adventure/ idk how I would call this, but play it!

Played with:


-L/R mouse button

Game made by: Me of course!

Contains music ©2019 Joshua McLean (
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International


What I want to add:

-More levels

-More enemy types


-An actual storyline (+ cutscenes)

-More "Bubbles" to pick up (Like other weapons, spells, effects, ...)


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Awesome animations. But walking is a bit off. I think you need to add a front movement animation. Cool gameplay tool.

Yeah, apparently that animation doesn't want to show up with some people, some people were also missing a back animation so need to see how that happens, I myself don't have that problem... to bad :/ but thank you for playing!


Graphics are awesome. You could try adding shadows and speeding up the walking anims so that it doesn't look like he's sliding. Other than that really cool

Yeah the walk is a bit off, tried correcting it but maybe speeding up will work! and shadows are a fun idea, but not on top of my list, but i'll see when i'll work at this game again, thank you for playing!

Great work on your game! I love the characters and animations! Some things that I would look into is the screen shakiness when playing. It made me kind of motion-sickness. And also, maybe a description of what to do in the game? Not really sure what to do. Overall, things look great!

this is just a test build :P many things you mentioned will still chance! Maybe I Need to make a button to turn the camera shake off, good idea! 


I realized it was a test after XD Sorry mate. 

Can't wait to see the end result!