Help Candle Stick platform to Candle Heaven!

Control Candle Stick with arrow keys or WASD.//

Grab fire and put them on other places like candles, moving platforms, and even your own head!//

Have fun!//

There isn't a download because exporting problems :/ sorry for that!//

Sound = VGM Mark H (used his music under Creative Commons)//

Me = all the rest//


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Great job on the game! It's a super interesting concept and the artwork is very nice.


Watch 8 Bits to Infinity ~ Platformer Week | !queue !faq from MrJoshuaMcLean on


nice mechanic! it's not clear you have to use the mouse though

Yeah, i had to say that earlier and make it more clear, i know, it's sometimes difficult to put you inside the mind of the player and that thing slipped past me, stupid me!


Nice! Good concept. Took sometime to figure out that you could grab fire with your mouse, and I don't think I heard music? Also want to say that for the jump-through platforms on the "Stay on machine" level could maybe get a different texture to tell the player you can jump through them.  Apart from that, the artstyle is really cool, and the levels are challenging enough. Good work!

I don't think jump trough platforms where intended to happen :D Unless you were speaking of the one with fire in it. I hoped people would find it out by trying to light up the lanterns and stuff but maybe i'll have to say it more clearly. I had music in the game but maybe that's a WebGL error, but thank you for the feedback, appreciate it!


Really cool idea! I had a nice time playing this one :)

Wow, normally i post something back but totally forgot it.... sorry bout that but glad you enjoyed! Nice to know i didn't completely waste your time


Just joined the discord as I am looking into participating in next weeks jam. I really like the concept you have going here; with the flames being essential to tranversing the level. Personally I could see this being incorperated into a larger project.

Well done! :D

Thank you for the nice words! Keeps me motivated to participate in Game jams, good luck with your own projects!