Made for Alakajam:

Defeat the mighty Goliath in this epic battle! 

I am so happy with this project, did all of this in roughly 14 hours and I made everything, even the sounds, myself!

There are some collision bugs, first I wanted that you needed to jump on the hands to head Goliath's head but you can also just jump and attack :3

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
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Made withUnity


The Goliath-Problem 14 MB
The Goliath-Problem 18 MB
The Goliath-Problem 19 MB


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Defeated it :)
Cool game, its actually 3D isnt it?
I liked that you made the sounds yourself, its always good to try new stuff!
Art is really cool, whats that thing on the player characters shoulder?

Do you want to continue developing the game?

Yeah it's 3D, I gave 2.5D a go, wanted to model an arena but ran out of time... And yeah, I'm happy with the sounds! The thing on the players shoulder it this shoulder armor, idk if it would actually work but thought it would look kinda cool... And no, I'm already developing another jam game, Hideout Besiege, further and after that I want to just keep joining jams untill I find a new fun game concept!

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It definitely looks cool
How does 2.5D exactly work?

Yeah kicking some chickens (sorry, hideout folks') behinds again ^^

In Unity? Really easy, open up a 3D game project, put some blocks in, then add an empty game object, put a SpriteRenderer in it with sprite selected, give it a Box/Circle/Whatever Collider and then if you want to add a Rigidbody, just add a Rigidbody, not a Rigidbody2D, that doesn't matter