QASD to move//

Left mouse button to pick up/throw spears//

Right mouse button to eat//

Win Condition: Eat 40 pieces of meat before timer runs out//

When hit, you get revived but 60 seconds leave the time//

AZERTY Mode: //


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The game was pretty fun and it looks really nice,but i found the control system to be extremly counterintuitive. I think WASD should move your character relatively to the world,not to the way player is rotated. Also it looks like you had some resolution problems since text is cut off sometimes.Other than that all is fine.

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Yeah, text was weird but wasn't motivated and didn't have the time to fix it... I found it more intuitive that W is forward and not up, but yeah, maybe W being up relatively to the world itself would be better... Thank you for the comment and i'm glad i didn't totally waste your time :P


Good game, I like the graphics and SFX

Thank you! Nice to see someone actually liked my game :P "Self-esteem + 1"